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Monday, February 19, 2007

Checking in on the NFL Draft has Gil Brandt’s pre-Combine "rankings". Here is how he ranks this year’s group of Huskers: Nevermind, as Bob points out in the comment section Gil Brandt was apparently only in charge of alphabetizing the players for the combine. I suck at reading.

Adam Carriker #5 DL
Jay Moore #34 DL
Stewart Bradley #5 LB
Brandon Jackson #6 RB

In addition, Draft Tek is a really cool mock draft site that uses a computer model to generate a 7-round simulation for the 2007 NFL draft. This is how the site projects Nebraska’s prospects to go:

Round 1 (10) Adam Carriker - Atlanta
Round 3 (74) Stewart Bradley - Buffalo
Round 4 (119) Jay Moore - New Orleans
Round 7 (220) Brandon Jackson - Baltimore

For what its worth, I think the Draft Tek model undervalues BJax a bit. I can't imagine one of the Top 10 RB prospects falling to the 7th round.

I also can't help but hope that one day we see more Husker offensive talent on NFL draft boards.