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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Will Ferrell aka 'Captain Compete' Saves the Day

"I usually save, mmmmm, 10-20 people a day - that's a slow day. Most days I am saving upwards of 100 people an hour."

It's been too long since we've heard of a new Pete Carroll prank. This time it's not throwing LenDale White off a roof or having Everson Griffen arrested during a team meeting for assaulting a freshman but rather having Captain Compete come to practice to deliver his message to the USC Trojan football team. In this video, Captain Compete takes a break from fighting his arch enemies Captain Lazy and the Notre Dame Leprechaun to save a cameraman from a 40 foot fall and a man engulfed in burning flames.

The idea for this prank comes from Pete Carroll's motto, which is
'always compete.'

"When you take a crap, you gotta compete!"