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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Alex Henery Variety Hour

For all of the Nebraska/Colorado game statistics that you can print off and carry around in your wallet, click here.

It's 24-17, Bo Pelni, and your kicker is about to attempt a 51 yard field goal to possibly put your team up 10 at a half and grab what little momentum there was. Sure you want to fake it with kicker Alex Henery throwing to TE Mike McNeill? “I felt like we were in control and then I made the boneheaded call. I would have been kicking myself for a long time,” Pelini said. “I felt like the game changed when I made that call. I’m a grown man. I made a mistake. I made a bad call. I got greedy at that point.” Yep.

It's 4th and 25, Shawn Watson, and your team is down 31-30 with under two minutes to go. What play ya got? "I had none," Watson said. "I said, 'Bring on Alex.'" Said Pelini, "I wanted him (Alex Henery) to look me in the face and tell me he had it in him." Said Henery, "I have to admit I was a little iffy. I knew it was a long ways, and there wasn't much wind. I knew I'd have to hit it real well."

Kick it 57 yards with one yard to spare and we'll all go home happy. It's good to be Alex Henery.

For Pelini's press conference, click here.
For Henery's press conference, click here.

Ndamukong Suh had 3 tackles before his game clinching interception for a touchdown yesterday in what could have been an extraordinary grand finale at Memorial Stadium.

Suh's 2008 Statistics
  • 68 Tackles (leads team)
  • 15 Tackles For Loss (leads team)
  • 5.5 Sacks (tied for team lead)
  • 2 INT (tied for team lead)
  • 2 Defensive TDs (leads team)
  • 6 QB Hurries (tied for team lead)
  • 1 Forced Fumble (tied for 2nd)
  • 1 Blocked Kick (tied for 2nd on team)
  • 3 Pass Break-Ups (tied for 8th on team)
If Suh decides to return for his senior season at Nebraska, I, for one, will be shocked.  Before the season, had Suh projected as a 3rd round pick for the 2009 draft.  His downside according to the site is, "coming off of knee surgery."  I don't think the knee is much of an issue anymore.  Suh should be a lock for 1st Team All-Big XII and should receive numerous nominations for post-season honors, all of which will enhance his name recognition amongst draft scouts.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about Suh lately. Is he the best true DT Nebraska has ever had? Steve Warren? Christian Peter? John Parrella? Danny Noonan? Rich Glover? Larry Jacobson? The answer is not quite yet. However, if he so decides to return for his senior season, he will be a front runner for the Outland Trophy - which would be Nebraska's NCAA leading 8th if he could win. I guess a better question is will Suh be the best DT Nebraska has ever had to play in the NFL? I think there is a good chance.

For Suh's press conference, click here.

I'm ready for a new era at QB to begin in Lincoln as my honeymoon with Joe Ganz at QB has officially ended. Ganz has done great things in his short tenure as the starting QB and the statistics can surely back that up (product of system???). However, I really think Watson's play-calling is severely hindered by the fact that he has a QB that can't throw the ball 20 yards down field. When it was 4th and 25 late in the game, you knew, I knew, and Watson knew Ganz couldn't throw ball 25 yards for a first down. Furthermore, that situation never should have presented itself if Ganz doesn't take a sack on 2nd and short with your team in field goal range to win the game. Moreover, that situation doesn't present itself if Ganz doesn't fumble the ball on 3rd and Goal the previous possession. Senior leaders on good teams should not be making mistakes like this.

Next year, Patrick Witt will be a sophomore, Zac Lee will be a junior, and Cody Green will be a freshman. It's going to be an interesting debate as to who will be and who should be the starter come September 2009. It'll be even more interesting seeing who the starter is come November 2009. If Witt or Lee isn't heads and tails above the others, then good luck in dealing with this soap opera next year, Coach Watson. It's good to know, however, that the scouting reports say that all three of these guys can throw the ball down the field 10 yards with both feet planted, which should open up your playbook.

For Ganz' press conference, click here.