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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Cosgrove Was Just A Figurehead?

No wonder he didn't fire him. He apparently didn't have a job to be fired from. Husker Mike uncovers a gem from Matt Hayes at the Sporting News. According to him, this is how bad things had gotten in Lincoln:
"Compared with where the process was last fall in Lincoln, the Huskers have made bigger strides than any team this spring. How bad was the dysfunction? Consider this anecdote:

Former coach Bill Callahan was obsessive about his offense; he made the game plan and called the plays. Sources say before the Texas game -- and at the height of Nebraska's failures -- Callahan let his assistants build the game plan and said he wouldn't call one play.

After the first series, Callahan not only called every offensive play, he called the defensive sets, too. The Huskers gave up three touchdowns in the fourth quarter and lost, 28-25."
Part of me really wants to believe this, while the other part thinks this has to be some kind of urban legend that will now become an infamous part of the Callahan lore.

In case you've forgotten here are some Husker highlights from the UT game, followed by a clip of just a few of the 800 gazillion yards Jamaal Charles had in the fourth quarter.