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Friday, April 18, 2008

Off to Mexico...

I'm leaving today for San Miguel, Mexico for a little wedding planning and many, many margaritas. I'll likely be without phone and internet access until next Wednesday, so DXP will be in the capable hands of Sammy Vegas. You might remember him from such patently offensive posts as the one below. Just kidding Sammy. Let's not pretend to be above such stuff as a fanbase given other notable accomplishments like "Sal is dead, Go Big Red!" and death threats to coaches or the harrassment of their children. The Power of Red, indeed. Besides if you noticed, you can't go seven paragraphs - in an article written over a decade after the fact, no less - without encountering some mention of Lawrence Phillips. If Nebraska is saddled with a mentally ill, violent offender as its poster boy, VT just might get stuck with Seung-Hui Cho, as well.