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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where Are They Now - Eric Crouch Update

I was surprised to come across this recent article on Eric Crouch and his adventures in Canada. I almost forgot he was still alive and kicking north of the border after his injury last season. After several failed attempts at football, Crouch sounds weathered and more mature, which is certainly a good thing.
"I'm trying to win that starting spot," Crouch said Tuesday. "I'm not there to sit on the bench and hope we win. I would like to be the quarterback that helps win games and helps win a Grey Cup this year. It's a long time coming for me. To me, it's all about being the best and to be able to win a championship in the CFL."
Crouch has earned the label “quitter” among many Nebraska fans, and that is perhaps unfair. Most of us have or will be humbled at some point in our life. Luckily most of us experience this outside the public eye.

But the past is the past and his current spot seems like a good fit for his skills.
"His background isn't in dropping straight back and throwing," Buratto said. "When we're at our best, our quarterback isn't always dropping straight back and throwing. We want him to make defenses worry about him."
Crouch always made defenses worry in college. He is perhaps the most elusive player I’ve ever seen in person. I also thought he would have made an amazing professional tag player, if such a league existed. Just watch teams try to get their hands on him in these highlights.