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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Quick Hits

Well, I haven’t really been doing a good job of keeping up over here at DXP. I’ve gotten sidetracked recently by a little pet project, but a little more on that later. Anyway, here are some quick hits to keep you entertained.

· SMQ has begun his absurdly premature assessment series and I suggest you read them all. But of particular relevance is his look at Nevada. Nebraska hosts the Wolfpack on September 1.

· While Nebraska is struggling to keep its players out of trouble, Texas really needs to reign in its fans. Below is evidence of the female Longhorn bank robber.

· CFR has his Pundit Roundup posted. This is like one-stop shopping for all of you college football columnists.

· Here are some details on the Purify situation gleaned from the official police affidavit.
According to the police the report Mo confronted Joshua at the Alley smoking garden, yelled "you're the mother fer, that took my friends id." then pushed Joshua down onto the ground and punched him 4-5 times. The g/f tried to pull Mo off of Josh and Mo turned around and hit the g/f. The g/f had redness and slight swelling on her face according to the report.

Joshua said the week before Mo and his friend tried to get into the Brass Rail. Mo's friend had a fake which Joshua took and denied them entrance.

Halet (spelling ???) who works at the Alley observed Mo punching Josh while he was on the ground. Halet pulled Mo off and tried repeatally to get Mo out of the building. There were about 15 warnings from the Alley staff for him to leave. Several people finally got Mo outside when he tried to jump fence to the smoking garden and head after Joshua.

The police arrived and Mo refused arrest, crossing his arms and standing against the wall. Purify was verbally warned 15 times and 4 officers to put his arms behind his back. After several minutes he was finally detained and taken to jail. Partial sample was taken and Mo registered a .126 BAC.
This is certainly of unverified veracity, so take it for what it's worth, but it is another goodie that wound up in my inbox.