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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Phil Steele's Big 12 Predictions

Thanks to's Tim Griffin, I don't have to wait until June 9 to see all of Phil Steele's "College Football Bible" when it hits the bookstores.

For the few of you who do not know Phil, he produces the authority of college football. In his yearly publication, you will see hundreds upon hundreds of pages of information with two in 6 point font devoted to each team. In those pages, you get position outlooks, depth analysis at every position, top newcomers to watch, a team schedule complete with gambling angles, in-depth ATS analysis, and a complete statistical breakdown of the team and players. And although it will take you from June until September to maybe get through every word, it's best if you just keep it in your back pocket for when you need a quick reference.

Anyways, here is Phil's outlook for the Big 12 with bowl projections:

North Division

1. Nebraska (Holiday Bowl vs. California)

T2. Colorado (Independence Bowl vs. Auburn)

T2. Kansas State (Insight Bowl vs. Wisconsin)

4. Kansas (Alamo Bowl vs. Michigan State)

5. Missouri

6. Iowa State

South Division

1. Texas (BCS title game vs. Florida)

2. Oklahoma (Fiesta Bowl vs. Boise State)

3. Oklahoma State (Cotton Bowl vs. LSU)

4. Texas Tech (Sun Bowl vs. UCLA)

5. Baylor (Texas Bowl vs. Navy)

6. Texas A&M

I buy into everyone of his picks for the Big 12 South. Right now, Texas is the class of the south with Oklahoma and Oklahoma State right there. Depending on what happens in the Red River Rivalry, the Halloween night game with Texas @ Oklahoma State could shake everything up in the division. Another 3-way tie in 2009? Oh God, I hope so.

The Big 12 North, on the other hand, is a bit of a surprise to say the least. Nebraska and Kansas are the two favorites in almost every poll I've seen so far. Evidently, Phil isn't buying into the Kansas defense. To sit them down at 4 behind Colorado and Kansas State with 17 starters back is very surprising. If Kansas State finds a capable quarterback between either Carson Coffman or Daniel Thomas (j.c. transfer), then their offense is going to be very talented to go along with a defense that has only one weak spot at corner. Colorado's offense will be greatly improved in 2009 with all but one starter back. No bowl game for Missouri? I love Phil Steele.