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Friday, June 26, 2009

Nebraska Throwback Game?

Brandon at BRN wondered about it a year ago. I've obsessed about it since I was 10, and if the current rumors have legs, it might finally happen. Nebraska may be preparing to break out throwback uniforms during the nonconference schedule. I've read on several message boards that the helmets are already sitting in the locker room. The uniforms are apparently to celebrate the continuing NCAA-record sellout streak that will reach 300 games on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009, when Nebraska plays host to Louisiana-Lafayette.

I decided to mock up some uniforms that may or may not represent what the Huskers don this September. Word from folks who have seen the helmets indicates that they have black numerals on the sides circa the early 1960s. That makes sense given the beginning of the sellout streak. So in putting together the helmet, I went with the grey facemask and the black numbers on the sides. I'm not in love with the font on the side numeral I used, but I had a tough time finding a good match. I also ditched the center stripe and the numbers on the back of the helmet as they would be redundant.

The era in question also included the famous curly-q (or UCLA style) jersey numbers. I went for as close of a match as I could muster on my jersey mock ups. You'll notice a lack of sleeve stripes and the inclusion of TV numbers on the shoulders. The rest of the jersey is just a guess. I'm positive we won't get to axe the Adidas logo, so that makes a painful appearance. I also included the "Nebraska Football - A Winning Tradition" patch that has adorned Husker jerseys since the early 1990s. The jersey looks bare without it and I could see it being replaced by a special throwback or 300th sellout patch in the actual game. Names on the backs of the jerseys are another tricky spot. Obviously they weren't included in the 1960s, but I don't mind if they make an appearance this time. Why? Well, I'm all for attention to details, but this is a PPV game. A PPV game that I will have to actually watch. I really, really don't need to hear the subpar broadcast crew consistently screwing up our double-numbered players. "Zac Lee with the tackle on special teams." Really?

The pants are pretty straight forward. If we are being "authentic" they would be plain white drawers with zero adornments. But I doubt that happens, so we settle for losing the double stripes on the sides much like we did in the mid and late 1990s. The Adidas logo creep sticks around and the "N" may or may not make an appearance.

So again, this may or may not be happening. And if it does happen the uniforms may or may not look like this. This was just a fun Friday project to throw together and take a look at.

Oh, and good to see you too. I've been gone from DXP too long.

UPDATE: Just for Sammy - A link to my version of the late 1960s - early 70s shoulder stripe uniforms.