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Saturday, June 13, 2009

ESPN's "Big 12 vs. Big 10 Mythical Challenge"

ESPN bloggers Tim Griffin (Big 12) and Adam Rittenberg (Big 10) sit down with Ivan Maisel to discuss how the two conferences match-up. They fail to get into any specific games and both of their arguments are generic enough that the average fan could probably spit off about the same information that they provide here. Nonetheless, it's the middle of June and it's college football so why not take a gander.

It's been awhile since I've had this argument with Big 10 fans so I couldn't help but want to dive right back into one. I live for hypothetical college football talk.

Below I've matched up teams based mostly on what preseason predictions are already out there - not on the 2008 records - and what I think the game that each league would consider fair and most profitable. FYI - the ACC/Big 10 Challenge in men's basketball is determined on a year-to-year basis with the games decided by the league commissioners. Take a look and then decide what you think the outcome of this 'mythical challenge' would be. (Iowa State gets to sit this one out.)

Ohio State vs. Texas
Penn State vs. Oklahoma
Michigan State vs. Oklahoma State
Iowa vs. Nebraska
Wisconsin vs. Kansas
Illinois vs. Missouri
Michigan vs. Colorado
Northwestern vs. Texas Tech
Minnesota vs. Baylor
Purdue vs. Texas A&M
Indiana vs. Kansas State

Interesting. Depending on where the game is played would make all the difference. Although the cellar of the Big 10 is weak, I'm not convinced the Big 12 would dominate nearly as bad as some might guess - and I'm obviously a Big 12 homer.