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Monday, December 15, 2008

Turner Gill to Iowa State? The All-Too-Real Possibility

I'll be honest. I (along with Husker Mike) am a tad frightened at what could be the outcome of what is more than likely about to begin this week.

It's not going to surprise anyone that follows college football when Iowa State officially starts pursuing the hottest coaching commodity available. Gill's coaching stock has soared since taking lowly Buffalo to heights never imagined. And for all different reasons, rationales, and circumstances, Gill and several BCS conference schools (namely Auburn and Syracuse) have decided to pass on each other.

BCS conference schools with openings for the 2009 season at one time: Tennessee, Auburn, Washington, Syracuse, Mississippi State, Clemson, Purdue, and Kansas State.

All gone.

The newly vacated head coaching job at Iowa State now happens to be the one and only BCS conference job left on the table. Simply put, it is the only job available where Gill wouldn't be making a lateral move if he was to take another head coaching job for next season. His time is now. It would not be hard to be excited for Gill if this scenario was to happen. On the other hand, it would be hard to watch him succeed. Hypothetically speaking, if he was to pull off a Buffaloesque success story at Iowa State, it would be at Nebraska's expense.

On a related sidenote, Gene Chizek autographed portraits are not selling very well down in Alabama. Read here for the backlash he is taking from the not so enthused Auburn fans.

You're not in Iowa anymore, coach.