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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Husker Fans Humbled by WWL

ESPN released their 2008 Spring Practice Preview which ranks the Big 12 teams as they head into next season. The "four-letters" are not as impressed with the Big Red as many in Husker Nation seem to be as they place Nebraska 7th in the conference.

What we know: New coach Bo Pelini's biggest recruiting catch was convincing I-back Marlon Lucky to return for his senior season.
What we don't know: If the Cornhuskers will ever get their swagger back on defense. Hiring Pelini is a big start.
How the Cornhuskers can get to Kansas City: If Pelini's presence pumps some new life in the Blackshirts and QB Joe Ganz continues playing like he did in November.
All-in-all this seems like a fair, albeit simple, analysis at this point.

ESPN's full rankings for the Big 12 look like this:

1. MU
2. OU
3. Texas
4. Texas Tech
5. KU
6. A&M
7. Nebraska
8. CU
9. OSU
10. KSU
11. ISU
12. Baylor

Early reaction from "Mr. 5-Time National Champions Leather Jacket Wearing Guy on Husker Message Boards" ranges from disbelief and fuming anger to "let them underestimate us."

It could be a long season folks.