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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Adam Carriker is a Poor Tipper

Oh, the wonderful world of Nebraska message boards and the long, cruel off-season. How I love thee.

From Big Husker Fan we get the following the gem:
i'm a supervisor at a restaurant out in western Omaha. Carriker was in to eat tonight with a girl who i assume is his S.O. and another couple. the bill was sixty bucks and they left a two dollar tip.

apparently, 1st-round draft pick money isn't good enough to be able to tip your waitress decently. the service, by the way, was fine. i made sure of it.

as a husker fan, it was kind've disappointing.
Let's give Drago a break here, I mean only $9.5 million of Carriker's contract is guaranteed. He can't be making it rain on every waitress in town.

The best part is that the thread continues into a four page discussion of tipping etiquette. And the even better part is that I chose to give the topic more life here on DXP. I can't help it, I'm bored.

Carriker joins a laundry list of alleged poor athlete tippers including:

Tony Dorsett
Allen Iverson
Derrick Coleman
Mark McGwire &
Scottie Pippen

In other message board news, a poster on Rivals ($) encountered Rickey Thenarse at a UNL computer lab and allegedly obtained the following information from Rickey:
Just got done talking to Rickey T here in the computer Lab on campus- Here is what he said....
1.- he was going to transfer to ASU if the new staff had stayed
2.-loves the new strength coach and coaching staff--hes up to 201 lbs
3.-said last year coaches would make excuses after losses and had everyone playing the wrong positions
4.-said Bo's expectations are through the roof- wants a NC
5.-Said he couldn't explain the feeling right now of the players, but he said the team will be special next year
6.-also mentioned that when the coaches were making excuses about injuries and such, said "This is Nebraska Football, that stuff happens, instead of bitching we should have gotten right back it"

Just a real chill guy to talk to, he will be a good one for us next year
Take this for what it's worth, obviously, but I've heard the transfer rumors about Thenarse and several other players months ago.