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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(Sammy) Vegas' Dose Of Husker Reality - I

Thanks to some Vegas contacts and my offshore gambling friends, I dug up the gambling odds on the 2008 National Champion.

In case you are not familiar with how the gambling odds work, it is simple. Take Kansas for example. They are at +3000. If you wager 100 dollars on Kansas to win the BCS title game next year, you win 3000. If you wager 10 dollars, you win 300. If T. Rose wagers 1 penny, he would win 3 dimes, etc. etc.

Nebraska is at +8000. There are 37 teams with our odds or better for next year. In the final AP rankings of last year, Appalachian State was 35th, South Florida 36th, Tulsa 37th, and Connecticut 38th.

Clearly Vegas has little faith in the Big Red. Illinois, coached by Ron Zook who ‘Solich-ed’ Florida before landing with the Illini, is now somehow among the upper echelon. In fact they are shown to have 38% greater chance to win the BCS than the Huskers. And how about Rutgers and the need to replace Ray Rice? No matter, as they too, sit above Nebraska. Jenn Sterger’s new fave team South Florida played its first Division IA game in 1997 (coincidentally the year NU last collected the crystal hardware), yet the Bulls are almost a 2:1 favorite over Nebraska to win the BCS title in 2008. Cincinnati who graduated their entire defense which was one of the best in the country last year – same odds. Wake Forest, Michigan State, Colorado and Louisville(minus Brian Brohm) all ahead of us. Amazing how the college football landscape has been tilted on its axis the past few seasons. And even more amazing is how little respect Nebraska is getting from Vegas as Spring football nears.

So where is your money is at? For what my terrible gambling advice is worth, I'll take Georgia at +1000.

And for everyone who came here looking for an Erin Andrews 'jizzfest' (DT?), she not not only poses for us, she studies us as well.