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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poopsie Hits the Hardwood

Jeffie's Erin Andrew's 'Pictures of the Week' has been going a little light of late due to the recycled pictures that have been on the internet for seemingly years now. However, just days after Ines Sainz had some gems thrown up from Super Bowl Media Day, Poopsie didn't disappoint (courtesy of Not to be outdone, here she is strutting her stuff at an... an always rowdy and wildy popular Penn State basketball game?

Here she is walking down the runway...

More glorious, glorious walking...

Erin: "No kidding, this big?"
Student: "Yeah, that big."
Erin: "Let's see, I mean hear it."
(check out the psycho in the background - dude, you're Penn State basketball. Penn State basketball)

Now I see where you are coming from Herbstreit. Does that thing take credit cards?

Hey! Man in the Happy Valley hat! Turn your head to the right! She's not looking! Turn your head to the right!

Now we know why 1st and Ten host and ESPN anchor Dana Jacobsen feels compelled to drink so much. Those are tough Stiletto's to fill.

All we want is to know when Erin. When are you going to hit our hardwood?