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Friday, February 08, 2008

More on Big Uglies Vs. Skill Guys

I just noticed that USC kind of had the opposite type of recruiting class from us. Where we loaded up on skill position/athlete guys, USC "settled" for a huge class on linemen. In total 10 of the Trojans' 19 recruits are either offensive or defensive linemen.

Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News said this of the USC class:
"When you consider how important linemen are for a program, it's hard to argue with USC's decision to take 10 in its recruiting class. Last year was a good example how valuable linemen are when the Trojans lost so many offensive linemen to injuries, including two on one play.

The mistake some people are making is to think it's an either/or proposition between linemen and skill players, etc. If Will Hill (Florida), Darrell Scott (Colorado), Patrick Johnson (LSU), Arthur Brown (Miami), Joe Adams (Arkansas) or Chris Polk (Washington) wanted to come to USC, there would be a scholarship.

On its own merit, this is an excellent class that at the same time lost out on some marquee recruits who would have made it a consensus top three class."
USC also just happens to have an embarrassment of riches at the skill positions to run behind these guys. So clearly recruiting is a balancing act between filling needs and grabbing what is available and interested. So USC loses out on skill position guys for the first time in five years and loads up on the top linemen. Nobody ever said life is fair.