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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trev Alberts Is Sacking Blogs

I have always thought that Trev was the best college football analyst I have seen on ESPN - regardless of our Husker bias. Kirk Herbstreit is considered the face of college football right now in the broadcast world. Ask yourself this. Who is better television - Alberts or Herbstreit? Alberts or Lou Holtz? Alberts or Mark May? Actually, the best of the bunch might be 'fake' Lou Holtz giving a Nebraska/USC pep talk here - hilarious. After Trev was fired for not showing up to ESPN one Sunday morning, he has disappeared into anonymity from the college football world. Until now.

Trev fires back at great blog everydayshouldbesaturday (EDSBS) after he was ripped apart.

Here he is.... The Trevvie, front and center!!!

Nicely done. What next? SNL? The Tonight Show? KFAB?