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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Crisis Averted...For Now

The LJS cites the ever present "sources" in noting that Shawn Watson will turn down Nick Saban and stick around Lincoln.
"Alabama head coach Nick Saban sought to have Watson fly there Tuesday, but Watson declined the invitation and said he was planning to remain as NU’s offensive coordinator, according to one source.

According to another source close to Watson, the coach received an offer for the Alabama job on Monday night.

Watson did not immediately return phone messages left Tuesday."
So we can all relax...or can we?
"This may not be the last offer Watson has to weigh. There are several teams interested in Watson’s services, said the source close to the coach, including at least one NFL team."
Any chance this "source" might be Watson's agent? At any rate, we need to lock this guy up.