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Thursday, January 10, 2008

I, For One, Am Shocked...

Not that Pelini was "allegedly" out drinkin' on Bourbon Street (Cheers!), but that he's actually an Indians fan. He's clearly gone off the reservation in this photo.

Anyway, the picture is definitely making the rounds.

Huskerpedians seem convinced it is Photochopped with their opinion summed up nicely by poster davidadurNU:
"i think it is fake, the face is too big and if you look the edging of the face and neckline is not smooth and are different colors. If you look on the right of the face, the person in the photo's left ear, you can see clearly that this is not the original face of the person in the photo. Also the way the chin of the person is almost touching the shirt does not make sense in the photo. If a person has their head turned then the shirt would not be that close to the chin, nor would the shirt have no folds in it. The original IMO was looking forward and not at the camera.

Also look at the shadow. If the wall is that far behind the person in the photo, then the shadow should not be a direct left drop shadow. It should be lower as the angle of the camera is down and it would not be as strong of a shadow as the wall is so far behind them. This is a basic example of a drop shadow photo manipulation with smoothness added to the edges.

IMO not bo. Its bo's face, yes."
I don't know, that's quite the analysis, but in the end, who cares? Dr. Tom? Mary Pat?

If legit, Pelini joins the likes of Larry Eustachy, Mike Price, and obviously Frank Solich as founding members of the Drunken Coaches Association of America.

In other news Bob Devaney just rolled over in his grave...and smiled.