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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Woooo!!!! Validation

The College Football Blog Award nominations are up and unbelievably DXP finds itself nominated in not one, but two categories.

The first nomination is for the Best New Blog award, which goes to the best blog started within the past year. The other nominees are Card Chronicle, Fire Mark May, Conquest Chronicles, Saurian Sagacity, and Corn From A Jar

DXP is also nominated for Best Big 12 Blog along with Burnt Orange Nation, fellow Husker blog Corn Nation, CrossCyed, and The 12th Manchild

In this case it truly is just an honor to be nominated. I've marveled for months at the amount of quality work that is being produced by CFB bloggers. To just be mentioned alongside some of the folks that I have digested daily, linked to frequently, and stolen from blatently, well, that's just groovy man.

So thanks to any and all who might have nominated DXP and to my loyal readers who I can't thank enough for word of mouth traffic.

While our awards festivities won't feature the likes of "Soy Bomb," Sacheen Littlefeather, or lesbian liplocks, it will include the first acceptance speeches typed by pant-less dudes with cheetos-stained fingers, while sitting in their parents' basements. Plus, it will be a whole lot safer than the Source Awards.

Voting is taking place here. Kirk Herbstreit can rest assured, however, that Husker Nation will not be stuffing the ballot boxes, as voting is limited to college football bloggers.