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Thursday, January 04, 2007

DXP Bowl Game Pick'em Update #2

Here are the updated standings in the Bowl Pick’em with three games remaining (click to enlarge). Dr. D looks to be the lone DXP contributor with a chance to finish high. I’m doing miserably despite picking up 30 points for LSU’s easy win over Notre Dame. I’ll blame my efforts on failing to pay attention to details, as I somehow neglected to pick the winner of two games. Oops. I’m not too proud to admit however, that my Mom actually has a one game lead over me in picking winners straight up.

It looks like the contest could hinge on the Western Michigan vs. Cincinnati, and Ohio vs. Southern Miss games, as all of the major contenders have Ohio State over Florida. That being said, there are a surprising number of points still out there in some cases. It should be interesting to watch over the next few days.