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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Football Bowl Subdivision Revenue Per School

The Orlando Sentinel (slowly becoming my favorite online newspaper with new additions like Phil Steele) has just released a chart that ranks all Football Bowl Subdivision schools by the total revenue they took in during the 2007-08 reporting year.

'These revenues include generated revenue (such as proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships) and allocated revenue (such as tuition waivers, money from student fees and direct institutional support.)'

As the blog post pointed out, you'll find that there are good reasons why you see stadium expansions every year and you'll find that it's clearly, clearly in your best interest to be part of the BCS. I believe that TCU was the highest non-BCS school in the chart - at 57th with over $43,000,000 in revenue.

Click to view the entire chart - LINK.

RankSchoolTotal RevenueConference
1stTexas$120,288,370 Big 12
2ndOhio State$117,953,712 Big Ten
3rdFlorida$106,030,895 Southeastern Conference
4thMichigan$99,027,105 Big Ten
5thWisconsin$93,452,334 Big Ten
6thPenn State$91,570,233 Big Ten
7thAuburn$89,305,326 Southeastern Conference
8thAlabama$88,869,810 Southeastern Conference
9thTennessee$88,719,798 Southeastern Conference
10thOklahoma State$88,554,438 Big 12
11thKansas$86,009,257 Big 12
12thLouisiana State$84,183,362 Southeastern Conference
13thGeorgia$84,020,180 Southeastern Conference
14thNotre Dame$83,352,439 Independent
15thIowa$81,148,310 Big Ten
16thMichigan State$77,738,746 Big Ten
17thOklahoma$77,098,009 Big 12
18thStanford$76,661,466 Pac-10
19thUniversity of Southern California$76,409,919 Pac-10
20thNebraska$75,492,884 Big 12