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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Athlon Sports Top 25 Countdown: Nebraska #16

The Athlon Sports Top 25 countdown for the college football season landed on Nebraska at #16 today. For the link, click here.

Said the authors:
"Bo Pelini is an Ohio native and an Italian with about as good a chance of finding authentic meatballs and gravy in Lincoln as Bill Callahan does getting elected governor of Nebraska. But in one year with the Huskers, Pelini did what Callahan couldn’t — give the Husker faithful the sense that a return to prominence was possible.

By winning nine games and knocking off Clemson in the Gator Bowl, Pelini fulfilled the mandate given to him by AD, former Congressman and resident legend Tom Osborne to make Nebraska football matter again. Pelini embraced the school’s long-time walk-on policy. He committed to running the football and playing nasty, Blackshirt defense. None of that West Coast offense stuff for him."
Nebraska came in ahead of teams such as #17 LSU, #18 Cincinnati, #19 North Carolina, #20 Michigan State, #21 Utah, #22 Georgia Tech, #23 Iowa, #24 Notre Dame, and #25 Oregon State. Initially, I thought #16 might be pushing it. However, when looking at the teams behind us, I think it is fair to say that we are more talented -except for LSU - and just as well coached - probably better - than any. It will be interesting to see where Nebraska lands when the Coaches and AP polls come out late this summer.

If we are a Top 20 team and can pull off the upset in Blacksburg against Virginia Tech, then get ready to embrace a team hovering around the Top 10. Needless to say, our perception on a national scale would be further improved, which is important on many different levels.

Remember the last few times Nebraska was in the Top 10? Try 2002 when Penn State blasted us 40-7 and 2003 when Missouri blasted us 41-20.

Remember the last time Nebraska defeated a Top 10 team? Try October 27, 2001 when Nebraska defeated Oklahoma 20-10.

We've been waiting too long.