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Friday, June 20, 2008

How Not To Play Linebacker

Until August 30th finally comes around, I'll still have the sour taste of what we were the past four years. That equals terrible. And when I think terrible, I think Cori McKeon. The self-appointed leader of the Blackshirts not only embarrassed himself each and every game, but he embarrassed every player who has ever had the privilege of putting on a Blackshirt.

In a Los Angeles Times article about Cori last December, he had this to say. "As much as I'd like to be playing, I'm fortunate to have a chance to play at the next level. It will be a lot of fun to play with some of the guys you've played against during your career. It's like a vacation with a little work mixed in. I'm fortunate to be playing there because it gets some scouts watching me -- it's a good way to continue on."

It gets even better.

"I definitely didn't play as well as a senior as I would have liked and I wasn't satisfied with it at all. They changed the defense on us this year and we maybe got overworked a little in the spring and summer. Everyone had a lot invested in this season and as we started to falter, guys kind of caved in a little."

Kind of caved in a little? I don't call giving up 65 to Colorado and 76 to Kansas kind of caving in a little. Changed the defense? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Overworked? The last time you practiced in pads was in 2003.

"It was a great experience being here for these five years. The tradition here is so special and the expectations are really high. The fans love you one minute and hate you the next."

Love you?

"I always joke about coming back to take over the Naperville North (his former high school) program and building a dynasty. (My dad) could take the offense and I'd take the defense."

That's a hilarious joke. Coz' can help with the linebackers and Cally can help your dad with the O-Line.

Writer Steve Reavan does show his own sense of humor though. He writes, "The 6-1, 225-pound McKeon was projected before his senior season by several scouting services as anywhere between a second- and fourth-round pick. The Huskers' defensive troubles probably didn't help his standing but he has more than enough time to make a positive impression."

I am literally on the floor right now.

Finally, since this is the last time we will ever mention Cori again, we will pay one last photo tribute to the not so great one. Enjoy and make sure you hum 'You Are The Wind Beneath My Wings' as you scroll down.

Yo Phillip, I hear you man.