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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jeffie Husker Sells Out

Ok, so I have some news for my loyal readers. I have recently accepted a position to write for AOL’s NCAA Football FanHouse. I will be covering the Big 12 and should begin to do so shortly. This is a great opportunity for me for several reasons. First off, it means that I will now be paid for my efforts. As a terminal graduate student this is good news for my budget. Secondly, the FanHouse will put my work in front of many more eyes. The FanHouse site recorded 7.3 million page views in January alone (DXP had 6,200), which makes it the most-trafficked sports blog on the web.

So, what does this mean for you and for this site? Right now I plan on keeping DXP going. The way I look at it covering the Big 12 will broaden the brush with which I cover Nebraska football. However, because I will be busy with all 12 conference teams at FanHouse I would like to keep DXP so that I can focus more closely on the Huskers. I’m not positive how this is going to work. Because it is the off-season I may spend more time on FanHouse. Once the season starts, however, I hope to bring my Big Red analysis back here more frequently. There may also be some cross-posting or at least cross-linking at times. I know that Brian at MGoBlog currently writes for FanHouse while keeping his blog alive as well. Last I heard though, he was also scraping out a living as a professional blogger, while I am not.

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for your continued support of DXP. The AOL gig is not a job that I applied for; instead I was “discovered,” (for lack of a better term) here by an AOL producer. I have no doubt that it was word-of-mouth that brought him here. So for anyone who ever told a friend about the site, emailed a link to a particular post or linked to DXP on your own site, I am forever grateful.

You can check out FanHouse’s Big 12 page here. Be sure and bookmark it and make it part of your daily CFB routine. I have some final paperwork to complete, but my tenure should begin shortly. I hope to see all of you join me there (and here) and to continue to comment and share your opinions.

Thanks again. Now listen to Deion Sanders tell it like it is.