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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tim Tebow's New Girlfriend

Much was made over the past year about this photo of Erin Drewes with Tim Tebow that captivated sports bloggers everywhere. With many thanks to facebook, internet aficionados were able to dig up even more glorious, glorious pictures of the lovely Erin Drewes. The only problem was that they were never a couple despite what most message boards and blogs claimed.

However, according to the experts at The Big Lead, a "plugged-in reader in Florida named Parker" has found Tim's true love. Evidently, Tim and Girlfriend X can be seen at the Dragonfly in Gainesville on any given night grinding on praying with one another. There is no name yet for this Gatorbait smokeshow, thus no facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. I'm sure that will change sometime in the near future and all of this one picture only nonsense will end.

I'm not really sure if Tebow used any lines from his immortalized speech to pick her up or not. Regardless, God Bless.

And for what it's worth, Erin Drewes is hotter than that and she just happens to be getting even hotter...