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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The End of the Ahman Green Era?

On Tuesday, the Houston Texans released former Nebraska RB Ahman Green. More than likely, this will end Green's 11-year NFL career as there is not much room in today's game for aging, injury-proned running backs.

With Green's retirement on the horizon, I got to thinking as to where Ahman Green sits among the best Nebraska players to play running back in the NFL. Surprisingly, Roger Craig is the only former Husker to have a career comparable.

Craig, a 4-time Pro Bowler & 1-time first-team All-Pro, finished his 11 year NFL career with 8,189 rushing yards, 4,911 receiving yards, 13,100 total yards, 73 TDs, and three Super Bowl rings. Even as of today, Roger Craig remains the only running back to lead the NFL in receptions for a single season, and the only one ever to record over 100 receiving yards in a Super Bowl. Craig made the semi-finalist list for the Hall of Fame this year but was not elected.

Green (probably) will finish his career with 9,045 rushing yards, 2,865 receiving yards, 11,910 total yards, 73 TDs, and four Pro Bowls. Green's last two seasons in Houston were marred by injury as he rushed for only 554 yards and missed 18 games. His 9,045 career rushing yards puts him at #29 on the NFL all-time rushing list.

Although it will be difficult for either back to be elected to the Hall of Fame, I'd say Roger Craig has the better case. Regardless, if this is it for Ahman Green, then congratulations on a great, great career.

After you hit the mute button, enjoy the Ahman Green highlights below from his days as a Husker. It's sometimes easy to forget how special he really was in college with all of the greats he was fortunate enough to play with.