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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick Hits

· Maurice Purify is officially facing a July 18th trial for all of the charges related to his infamous barroom brawl. I have no idea how the trial will play out, but I would be shocked to see Purify suit up before September 15. Does he have the mental makeup to stay in shape and out of trouble?

· The Huskers had a big recruiting weekend corralling linebackers Doug Rippy, and Shaun Mohler. Both of these guys seem like players on paper and fill a huge need for the ’08 class. Nebraska also added a much needed tight end in Tyson Hetzer a 6-foot-7 project from Redding, CA. I’m happy to see a TE, but I have to admit I’m not 100% in love with his high school coach’s tone:
“He's a big boy with a body a coach would love," Hare said, "but when Tyson was here, he was unbelievably stiff. If you could get his motor running, he would run some people over. It didn't always happen. But when he did get open, he would catch the ball.”
· Neil Barduson of The Football Experts believes that the entire Big 12 is overrated.
“The only team in the Big 12 that has the chance to make the national title game is Texas, which they are in the back of the pack of national title contenders. Other than Texas, the Big Twelve consists of average football teams. Oklahoma had Adrian Peterson and a supposedly great defense last year, yet lost to Boise State. Texas A&M will be as good as they have been in a while and could even pull out the Big 12 championship. As far as the North goes, all of the teams are not good as they once were. Colorado does not have players or coaches they once had. Kansas State is improving, under coach Prince, but need more time. Nebraska is getting better and has potential to win the Big 12 this year. However, I think the 8th best team in the S.E.C (Alabama), the sixth best team in the Big Ten (Iowa), sixth best team in the Pac – 10 (Arizona), heck even the fourth best team in the Big East (South Florida) could all beat every team in the Big 12 besides Texas.”
I’m not even going to bother with a response. Except for that Neil Barduson is totally overrated.

· The Big Red Network is continuing their never-ending quest to persuade us that all 22 positions on the field are the key to Nebraska’s success. The most recent version focused on the WRs. I’m eagerly awaiting a flashback to the work of David Seizys and a treatise on the importance of the holder on FG attempts. Just kidding guys.