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Monday, June 04, 2007

Most Hated Coach?

The Shreveport Times ran an article Sunday discussing some of the most hated coaches in the SEC. The piece includes the normal cast of SEC characters like Steve Spurrier and Nick Saban, who are seemingly hated by fans of every team but their own. In a side-box accompanying the article, however, the writer included his Top 5 most hated coaches in all of CFB. Here was his list:

1. Charlie Weis, Notre Dame. Coaching the Irish usually gets you on the list, Weis' NFL smugness assures his spot.

2. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina. The job may have changed but ask Tennessee folks how they feel about Spurrier.

3. Nick Saban, Alabama. Auburn and LSU fans are united on this front and his salary makes him a target for the rest of the college football world.

4. Bob Stoops, Oklahoma. A former Spurrier assistant, the Sooners coach has some smugness of his own.

5. Bill Callahan, Nebraska. Until he has big-time college success, Callahan's NFL attitude comes off as arrogance.

I don’t really know what to make of the list, and I’m honestly a little surprised to see Cally included. But I’ll come back to that. First things first, I can’t possibly rank anyone any higher than Spurrier. I do, however, believe Weis deserves a spot, simply for failing to wipe his nose during games. I don’t care how deep in thought he might be, how can he ignore the drainage that is pooling on above his upper lip?

Saban is a given as well. He screams used car salesman, no matter how hard the book The Blind Slide tries to depict him as a charming gentleman.

Stoops is no surprise either. Early on his sideline demeanor seemed as though he OU would never lose under his command. He also wears a visor. See Spurrier, Steve.

Then we come to our own head guy, Callahan. I honestly figured most of the hatred directed at him came from Nebraska, Oakland, or the Big 12. I didn’t realize his arrogance had gone nationwide. Although I guess I really shouldn’t have been surprised. I mean I did spend a good part of my Friday night at a blues bar defending Callahan to an OU fan who is convinced we have the wrong guy running our team. I tried to remind him that we already had our Gary Gibbs in Solich, and that Callahan was certainly better than Howard Schnellenberger, but he wasn’t buying it.

But honestly am I just to close to see this. Is our coach really as hated as the rest of that list? Does it bother us? Should it bother us? Is this what it is like to have J.J. Redick on your team?