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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Week 1 Nebraska Videos, Highlights, & Some Quick Thoughts

Tunnel Walk....


My thoughts:

- The future is very bright at QB with Zac Lee and Cody Green. Zac Lee was arguably better than advertised. Tell me you weren't excited when Rex Burkhead and Cody Green were in the backfield yesterday. Said Burkhead,

"He was getting excited when he knew he was coming in, for me to be in the backfield him. It's kind of that Texas thing. It was fun to be back there with him. You develop a bond with him, and hopefully it carries on for the next few years."

- What a pleasant surprise to see one of the fastest guys in college football show a nice set of hands. Curenski Gilleylen and Zac Lee look as if they have a great connection on the field.

- This comment I made - "Nebraska has two running backs of Derrick Washington's (Missouri) caliber" - was back when Quentin Castille was still on board and of course, I was ripped by all of my friends on TigerBoard (I've even been called a ****ing cockbag there out of the blue so I wouldn't expect anything less). And for you Missouri fans, I do think Blaine Gabbert looked great. But guess what, I wouldn't trade Roy Helu for Derrick Washington right now. No way. If Roy stays healthy, there's a real chance he could be looking at an All-Conference bid in 2009. Here's your NCAA leaders after week 1:

1. Ralph Bolden (Purdue)212342
2. Joe Webb (QB, UAB)201942
3. Montario Hardesty (Tenn.)181601
4. Shawnbrey McNeal. (SMU)191581
5. Jordan Todman (UConn)251571
6. Matt Asiata (Utah)361562
7. Roy Helu Jr. (Neb.)161523

Best. Post-game news conference outfit. Ever. Here's the video.

Roy Helu- clothes

- Our defense gets it. Whether or not Bo Pelini wants to admit it, this defense is much improved. How good is Cameron Meredith going to be?

- Overall, even though the statistics didn't necessarily show it, Nebraska was impressive.

Florida AtlanticNebraska
1st Downs2222
Total Yards358490

Still, too many penalties. But, as I've hit on before, the turnover margin needed to improve this season and it did. It's so very important.

- Losing RB Darren Evans certainly hurts the Virginia Tech team. However, I also happen to think they're not great by any means, and I really do think Virginia Tech is beatable in Blacksburg for Nebraska. I'm not saying we are going to win - yet, but there's no question we have a chance to. In last year's game in Lincoln, the Huskers had two turnovers that ultimately cost them the game 30-35.

- Next week's opponent, Arkansas State, looked great even though it was against Mississippi Valley State. They'll be a better test than Florida Atlantic.