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Monday, September 11, 2006

Dr. D - Good, Bad and the Ugly, Week 2

Better late than never.

The Good

Nebraska's #2 NCAA ranking in scoring: I know we haven't played a soul, but during the waning years of Solich and the first two years of the Big Red's version of the WCO, Husker fans would have been happy hanging 50 points on the 8 man Nebraska high school champion.

Maurice Purify: The dude just looks like a pro. Rangy, shifty and speed to burn. And to think this guy wasn't even deemed worthy of a scholarship by the USC coaches. Yikes!

Marlon Lucky: If for no other reason than his emergence renders obsolete the annoying moniker "Quadzilla".

The Bad

USC: Seriously folks, I hope for the best on Saturday. In fact, along with Sammy Vegas, I'll be there in person to cheer on Big Red. But the reality is, there isn't a college team in the world (including Ohio St or Notre Dame) that I would lay money down to beat the Trojans in the home opener at night in the Coliseum. To employ the best coach-speak I can muster, it will be a "gutcheck", "measuring stick", "chance to rise to the challenge" and innumerable other coaching clich├ęs all rolled into one. I just hope that the likely outcome (according to the latest Vegas line, a 3 touchdown defeat) doesn't derail a season that appears to be headed toward a 9-3 or 10-2 trajectory. Outside of the Trojans, there isn't a team on our schedule with whom we can't match up (yes, UT-even you will be vulnerable in Lincoln). Let's hope we can get some valuable experience against the best college football has to offer, avoid injuries and embarassment and leave with a hunger to take out pain on the Big 12 north.

The Ugly

Joe Dailey's passing: I watched the hapless former Husker toss 2 terrible picks in the first half of UNC's ACC opening loss to Va. Tech before being yanked temporarily, but after all but ensuring a Carolina defeat. By all accounts, Joe's a good kid-just not cut out for throwing the ball down the field and reading zone coverage. Seeing Joe stink it up in Tarheel blue kind of reminds me of the guy who sees that the girl he almost proposed to a year after the break up has gained 150 lbs and now sports several new, distinctive facial piercings. Like that guy, NU dodged a bullet with his transfer.

Look out for Ol' Mizzou: Two weeks into September, the criticism levied against the Big 12 north looks mostly justified. I mentioned Colorado last week (BTW, they lost again Saturday to Colorado St. and now seem virtually assured of starting 0-5), Kansas State has looked the part of a team adjusting to a new coach, defensively devoid Iowa St. has eked out 2 unimpressive victories and Kansas squeaked by the formidable squad from Monroe, Louisiana last Saturday night. The one squad that I think has actually shown me something has been Missouri. They currently boast a nasty defense (ranked #2 in NCAA) and the offense looks improved over last year under the guidance of new QB Chase Daniel with plenty of playmakers in RB Tony Temple, TE Martin Rucker and WR Brad Ekwerekwu. Thank God the Tigers come to Lincoln this fall, where they haven't won in almost 30 years.